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Our Vision


"We envision adapting to the new challenges in our industry while upholding quality, efficiency and safety."

Company Profile

Cobra Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd. was established in 1975 by Gorden & Loretta Sonnenberg. The main focus of the company in the early years was residential and commercial plumbing and gasfitting. Throughout the years, Cobra has worked profitably and has weathered numerous economic conditions, delivering quality and efficiency to its customers. Along with plumbing and gasfitting, the company early on began to offer private sewage treatment system installation and maintenance to it's list of services. Thoughout the years Cobra has expanded its excavation operations and it's focus has turned primarily to underground infrastructure. The company has completed property development projects on it's own properties and also managed and completed property development for a number of customers over the past years. Cobra has always had an innovative mindset and has expanded into a number of disciplines in order to better serve it's customers with efficiency, productivity and safety. In recent years Cobra has added ready mix concrete supply, waste concrete recycling and recycled concrete material sales to it's list of services.

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